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Album Artwork from Start to Finish. (Part 1)

Tomorrow my album releases in stores and online! I am super excited! I hope you’ll all grab a copy and share it with your friends. I consider the music just as much yours as it is mine, so I can’t wait for you to hear it (*and see the music video for the title track!). But first, I want to show you the album art process from start to finish. My friend, Jessi Blackham [website: | blog:] did the amazing artwork and design…

Here is a portrait Jessi painted.  Wow, huh?

And a scan of the image for cool, crispness.

Our original plan was to have this ethereal winged thing happening.

{One of my songs is called “Butterfly” – dragonflies and fireflies are also mentioned…}

Neat wing, huh?!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .    BUT I decided to name my album “Take This Town” (the same title as the lead track on the album).  So we needed to switch gears.  I really wanted to symbolize my journey from the country to the big city.  Rural farmland is a big part of who I am and so is the urban jungle I’ve come to admire.  So we discussed how to symbolize that with the art.  Instead of ethereal, I wanted strength and boldness mixed in with the soft watercolors and bright colors.  Here’s what Jessi came up with… (She’s just amazing!)

This is her sketch of the cover art.  Cool name treatment, huh?

This is her transformation of the my name from sketch to vector art (a digital file we can resize and use over and over again on lots and lots of merchandise!).

This is more of her original sketch coming to life in watercolor and ink.

A close-up view.

{This is the art we use for the background of my album cover.}

This piece is laid out across the inside of my album art.  It’s just gorgeous.  The city pops out from underneath the disc face.  (I’ll show ya…)

And here’s another portrait Jessi Blackham painted.  Dead on girl.  Amazing.

{We use this image on the back of my album.}

I hope you enjoyed seeing part of the process!  Tomorrow, I’ll post Part Two of “Album Artwork from Start to Finish” with photos of the real CD packaging and additional fun things like cards and posters…  I can’t wait!

*For a sneak peak, head on over to my music website and you’ll get a good look at what’s just around the corner:

**You can even see some behind the scenes photos of our video shoot on my music facebook page:

See ya tomorrow!  If you like or appreciate Jessi’s fine art, please give her some kudos in the comments below.  She will appreciate it! 




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  1. Jessi! You’re an artistic ROCKSTAR! Way to go! I’m such a fan.

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