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Album Artwork from Start to Finish. (Part 2)

I’m a little late in getting “Part Two” to you! What a month it’s been.  Releasing an album on your own is exhausting and thrilling (and lonely and wonderful).  I guess I’d equate it to Christmas…

During the holidays you plan and create wonderful gifts, wrap them up in pretty packaging, tie a beautiful bow on top and anticipate the opportunity to give.  You can’t wait to see how your loved ones react when they open the gift you’ve put so much thought into.   Then poof!  – You give the gifts and Christmas is over.  The glitzy bulbs and ribbons get packed away for next year, the tree comes down and you feel a sense of loss and loneliness.  But you’ve forgotten a very important thing: the New Year is right around the corner!

Every New Year seems to be a great time of renewal, commitment and motivation for people (it is for me anyway).  But somehow it’s easy to feel lost during that space between a gift-giving Christmas and the arrival of a New Year.

So, from the time I posted “Part One” of this post (on the eve of my album release) and now, I’ll be honest – I’ve been feeling a little lost!  So much creativity and love and emotion and thought and energy went into making this album.  It’s like giving birth to a child I guess (my creative child), and then I putting your child into the world to brave all sorts of exposure.  While doing this you hope people will take a positive interest in your child, treat her well, and perhaps even help her grow.   I’m very pleased to say that “Part Two” of this post marks the beginning of my metaphorical ‘New Year’.  Today is the beginning of the next phase of my creative journey which includes performing, continuing to write, continuing to share, and maintaining a positive attitude.

I do feel a lot of fear.  Have you ever heard an actor say that when they  finish a job they fear they will never act again?  I feel that kind of fear.  I’m sure you’ve felt it too.  Fear can be paralyzing but it is also a great indicator of what we hold dear.  If we fear losing something (or someone) it means we care about them!  So when fear creeps up inside you don’t let it paralyze you.  Rather, let it activate you to put positive energy into those things you fear losing.  Whether it’s the ability to create and share your ideas or the ability to have love in your life, choose to be actively engaged in giving those things your attention.  Be always aware that fearful thoughts can be useful if you simply acknowledge them for what they are: indicators for action!  Turn your fear into actionable items.

And that’s what I intend to do.  I hope you do too!  I treasure your company while I delve inside my brain.  ;)  It can be a crazy place sometimes!  Our thoughts are powerful things and we should navigate with care and the help of good friends.

And speaking of good friends, let’s get back to the title of this post!  Join me in taking a look at my friend, Jessi Blackham‘s, amazing artwork in its printed and physical form!  (If you missed “Part One” of the album art process, check it out here.  It’s really fun to see the progression.)

Here is the album cover and the front & back of our little promo cards.

This is the first panel you’ll see when you start opening the ‘digipak’ (a fancy new word for folded CD cases).

The full inside spread.

I love the city that pops out from underneath the disc tray.

And the back of the album.

I took a quick instragram of the CDs when they first arrived (follow me on instagram @makenziecaine if you’d like!)

And a gorgeous poster.  Perhaps you’ll see one of these in your hometown soon.  We are booking out performance dates so holler if you’d like me to drop by!

If you haven’t heard the album, have a listen here:

And if you missed the music video, enjoy it here:

Thanks for reading.

You’re a doll!





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  1. The Album artwork is beautiful and songs are amazing! So much talent!

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