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I did not ride much while I was home this last visit, but I did sit on my beautiful bay and feel his calming breath beneath my bones.  His fur is starting to thicken and his belly rounding with hay.  He gave me great attention with his gorgeous, dished Arabian head, his large and kind eyes, and sweet nose upon my face.

There is something about it I cannot explain.  No words are needed, just the simplicity of placing a rope around his neck, leading him from the pasture, brushing him, saddling and climbing aboard.  By instict he should consider me a predator.  It is not normal for a horse to let a person on his back where he is most vulnerable.  But there is trust between us.

No words.  Just simple communication through action, thought and emotion.  And I am safe with my beautiful bay.

From up here I’ve got the best seat in the house.

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  1. Hey Farm Girl, love this post and love the picture of you and Valero. There is something magical about sitting on a horse and especially one that you have a bond with. You are so lucky. Thanks for the beautiful post!

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