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An Easy & Fun Meditation

I picked up this book (A Morning Cup of Meditation) a few months ago and have been enjoying the benefits of an easy and enjoyable meditation ever since.  All it takes is a quick read and you’re good to go.  With 10 associations you can use in your breathing, you’ll find relaxation, energy and a grounded sense of being.  I’ve used this simple technique while falling asleep, during turbulence on a plane, on short & long walks when my mind needs a break, and other circumstances where I needed a simple reminder to focus my thoughts into a healthy and productive place.

In a nutshell, “A Morning Cup of Meditation” teaches you to count your breaths and associate words/feelings with each breath.  Starting at 1, counting up to 10, and back to 1 again:

  1. Fun
  2. Shoe
  3. Tree
  4. Core
  5. Alive
  6. Thick
  7. Heaven
  8. Gate
  9. Shine
  10. Spin

The book quickly explains the meaning behind each word, how you can put it into practice and it even has pictures!  (I like pictures.)

I took some time to meet with Radar (a.k.a. The Little Brown Side) and get his thoughts on the book.  Here’s our little interview:

How did you like the book?

[Radar Small]
Well, I don’t read per-se, but the colors are nice and my mom really liked it.

You know you’re talking about me in the third person, right?

[Radar Small]
Yes, but let’s act as if this is professional and you are not the one interviewing me, ok?


[Radar Small]
Do you like this book?

I thought I was interviewing you.

[Radar Small]
Just answer the question.

Yes I d0.

[Radar Small]
Well, there you have it.  You seem much calmer when you try these things.  You definitely stress me out less.

Well that’s good.

[Radar Small]
Yes. Very.  I’m part Chihuahua you know.  We shake at anything so it’s nice when you’re calm.  I like you.  Can I lick your face now?

Yes, but I don’t know if that’s considered professional.

[Radar Small]
Oh, right.  I forgot.  Would you like my signature?  I’m famous, you know.

Yes, you are.  You’re top of my list.

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  1. Love this post. Love Radar and love you! Why didn’t you teach me this meditation technique when you were visiting! I think I could use it. Guess I will have to go buy the book!

  2. You and Radar are hilarious! I got a good chuckle for the evening :)

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