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Spaghetti for Breakfast

Speaking of comfort food

I was tempted to eat left-over spaghetti for breakfast today.  Don’t judge.  Especially since I ate a left over hamburger for breakfast approximately a week and a half ago.  Please don’t think this is a normal thing for me!  I just need to go to the grocery store… really bad… and I’ve been putting it off for weeks apparently!

I also ate left over chicken fingers for breakfast once last year.  And let me tell you what I’ve learned from that (and the hamburger) and why I chose not to eat the left-over spaghetti for breakfast today:  there is no where to go from from a breakfast like that!  When I have a heavy, salty, slightly greasy breakfast – I don’t really know how to approach my lunch!  Have you ever had this problem?

I like a somewhat sweet breakfast filled with whole grains, fruits and possible greens.  Ideally a healthy amount of protein with your breakfast is good too however I never really seem to fit that in there.  So, for me breakfast is usually light and sweet and energizing.  Not that lunch shouldn’t be wholesome and energizing, but it’s usually a salty contrast from my starter meal. ;)

I don’t know why I’m talking about breakfast and hamburgers and spaghetti…  It’s not like I have a point to this post or an over-archer theme and life lesson.  I’m just simply curious: Have you ever eaten spaghetti for breakfast?  (or a hamburger…)  (or chicken fingers…)  (ooh! or cold pizza?!…)

– mmm




(Thanks for putting up with me and my spaghetti brain!)


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  1. I can relate! I used to wait until 10:30 AM to eat potato salad and hot dogs. I thought that if I waited that long, I could call it lunch. I also like leftover Thai food in the morning. :)

  2. Yes! cold leftover tombstone pizza, love it!

  3. I’m usually trying to sneak a piece of cake or a day-old cookie as a pre-breakfast warm-up before the kids can see me. Although I have to admit to having pizza once or twice …

  4. YES! I am not alone! All of that sounds delish from potato salad, hot dogs, cold pizza and even a piece of cake (which does technically fall into the ‘slightly’ – ok, overly sweet category!).

  5. No, you are not alone ;-) I love cold pizza for breakfast; or at least my mind tells me I do. After a couple of slices I quickly realize that was not such a great idea. Too heavy! O well! I do try to think of oatmeal like an ice cream sundae! To make it more fun and palatable. Mix in any of your favorite fruit (blueberries, strawberries, mango would probably be good too)top with nuts and maybe some coconut ;-) and the secret ingredient would be coffee creamer; hazelnut or french vanilla YUM!! yes, it does reduce some of the healthy aspects, but it’s so good!

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