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“We go to the movies to enter a new, fascinating world, to inhabit vicariously another human being who at first seems so unlike us and yet at heart is like us, to live in a fictional reality that illuminates our daily reality.  We do not wish to escape life but to find life,…”  - Robert McKee, STORY

I don’t know about you, but I love ‘the movies’.  I love entering a whole new world and learning something about myself through someone else’s story.  I love the music and the lighting, the actors, the writing…

I also love the Oscars.  The red carpet “who are you wearing” fluff is annoying, but it’s those gems when you hear from the nominees’ moms or see Melissa McCarthy get all choked up because she’s worked so hard at something she loved for so damn long (excuse my language!) and finally got a piece of it.

Obviously I love the movies and this night in particular because I identify with a lot of these folks.  The ones who say, “I saw [such and such film] when I was six and knew I wanted to do that,” …“and I thank my parents for never telling me to get a real job,”…”I stayed in that world for weeks after seeing that film and reenacted the scenes in my backyard,”…

I’ll never get sick of taking a journey through art – whatever the medium – whether it be song, dance, film, theatre, a provocative painting or a daunting poem.  No, not ever.

And I’ll never stop trying share my life story in this way.  Through many mediums I’ll continue attempting to express the things I feel and will never understand…

I know to some it’s just ‘the movies’, but to me it’s art and that happens to be the most comprehensible  language I know.

“We do not wish to escape life but to find life,…”  - Robert McKee, STORY

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