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We Recorded Kids!

If you’re reading this post via email CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO! It says it all. We had an amazing day recording 14 select students from Shawn Small’s Fifth Avenue Falcons choral group. (4th and 5th graders from South Lebanon Elementary, PA.) These wonderful kiddos gave up their Saturday to spend long hours recording multiple takes on two new songs for my upcoming album. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and we had a great time! I hope you enjoy watching this video – it’s a little glimpse of the time we spent together. I’ll be seeing them again in May for a special number in their spring concert – what fun!

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  1. After watching this clip I can say with confidence that the experiences these children had working on this recording will most likely stay with them for the rest of their life. Some may even become great artists right along with Mackenzie. So while the MackieDoll team may be indebted to these gorgeous children—these children learned more (and were inspired) on this one day of recording than they probably were across months in their regular classroom. That’s the beautiful reciprocity of this. Knuckle bump to everyone who participated. If only there were more funding for music education in our public schools . . . (*sigh*).

  2. That was great! What a neat experience for the kids and a beautiful sound for your song.

  3. LOVE, XOXO, <3, amore! This was awesome! Nicely done everyone!!!

  4. What a beautifull original song. Blend of voices. Nice sound. LOOKS LIKE IT WAS A GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR ALL. Your melody took me to the country hills. Where it is beautifull and time stops so you can have quality time..look around and listen to life. Great creation……Thank you for sharing it.

  5. Om im on the internet so awesome im the one holding one of the butterflies!!!!!!!!!

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